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What our students say

Video testimonials

Carey from Maryland, USA

Carey is a Doctoral student, that studies in Daugavpils under a Boren Fellowship. His speaks about his two-semester program and different activities. Carey also compares his expectations and experience.

Christian from Colorado, USA

Christian from Colorado liked the city festival concerts, as well as local food and banya, which he would like to visit one more time.

Katharine from Pennsylvania, USA

Katharine from Pennsylvania has fallen in love with her host family very much and has appreciated all the advantages of full language immersion.

Samantha from New York, USA

Samantha from New York feels Daugavpils as pleasant and cozy city, where everybody is ready to come to assistance both in Russian and in English.

Timothy from North Carolina, USA

Timothy, who’s doubts were dispelled very quickly by new friends and awesome family, tells about study and leisure time possibilities in Daugavpils.

Maxime from Saint-Jérôme, Canada

Maxime from Canada tells that Daugavpils is really unique, cozy and safe place, where you can not only learn language, but also find many new friends.

Elena from Ticino, Switzerland

Elena from Switzerland was astonished of the European city, where everybody speaks Russian and where she has tried Russian cuisine for the first time.

Paulina from Stara Tura, Slovakia

Pauline from Stara Tura, Slovakia says that Daugavpils surpassed all her expectations and helped to make friends with students from other countries.

Petra from Bratislava, Slovakia

Petra from Slovakia describes how Russian people differ in Daugavpils and Moscow, and why Daugavpils is better for learning Russian than other cities.

Liam from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Liam from Scotland tells about how comfortable he felt while learning Russian in Daugavpils not only with the teachers, but also with local students.

Connor from Seattle, Washington, USA

Connor from Washington D.C. says that he enjoyed not only learning Russian, but also history and culture of Daugavpils.

Jason from Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Jason, a military history enthusiast from United States, found a lot of interesting historical sites and met a wonderful family thanks to which significantly improved his knowledge of the Russian language.

Josh from Sidney, Australia

Josh from Sydney describes Daugavpils as an excellent city for the daily practice of the Russian language and as an interesting place where two cultures mix.

Sercan from Istanbul, Turkey

Serchan from Istanbul tells about the teachers due to whom he fell in love with the Russian language and about the open to communication residents of Daugavpils.

Jesse from Sacramento, California, USA

Jesse from California, United States is really happy that he had the chance to meet a lot of people from around the world in Daugavpils and see many places that are worth a visit for everyone.


Program for teachers of the Russian language

, Poland,
September 28, 2012

The Polish Comenius Programme National Agency web site has published a report on our refresher program for teachers of the Russian language. The report has been prepared by Ms Joanna Gregorczyk, who attended the course in 2012. We hope this may be helpful for other Russian language teachers from the EU countries that are evaluating an option to take advantage of the Comenius/Grundtvig grants to develop their teaching skills attending tour courses.
The full text in Polish is available here.

Program for teachers of the Russian language

, Rome, Italy,
July 15, 2012

Hello everyone! I’m Piero from Rome, Italy.
I think if anyone wants to learn Russian language and at the same time wants to live an unforgettable experience, then Daugavpils is the ideal city! You will find surrounded by a delightful town, where peace reigns and chaotic rhythms of a big city will be just a faded memory. You will be welcomed by the warmth and kindness of the Latvian people who will do anything to make you feel at ease.
The school is a gem: the teachers are very competent, professional and very attentive to the needs of the students and are ready to settle any questions of the student. Personally, I spent 3 weeks that I would call – without exaggerating – memorable and I am sure that next year I will come back again.

Program for teachers of the Russian language

, Minnesota, USA,
July 6, 2011

My experience in Daugavpils, and with the language program, was excellent.
The city is friendly, safe and accessible, with most places within easy walking distance in and around the city center. There is also an inexpensive tram system that operates regularly. Daugavpils and the surrounding region offers an interesting educational experience, filled with history and culture. Shopping in the local grocery and retail outlets is easy and convenient.
I stayed with a local family for almost four weeks, and they were very accommodating. I had my own private room, free wireless Internet access, and came and went as needed with no issues. On weekends, I was included in trips to their house in the country, where I was also welcomed warmly.
My goal was to brush up on my Russian language skills for professional purposes. In my case, I had learned some Russian many years earlier as an undergraduate, and only had very limited practice with the language in the years since. I felt I needed an intensive, total immersion experience to achieve my goal. This is exactly what I had: in the city of Daugavpils; with my Russian-speaking host family; and in the classroom four hours per day. The director and instructors are top-notch, very flexible, highly qualified, friendly and professional. They tailored a program exactly to fit my particular needs, for I was traveling alone and had total one-on-one instruction from two instructors every day. In the end, as a result of the total immersion experience and the hard work of the highly qualified teachers, I was able to achieve my goal of acquiring enough skills within a relatively short time in order to pass a rather high stakes language test.
I would highly recommend Daugavpils and the Learn Russian in the EU program for anyone, from the new student with no language experience on up to the seasoned professional in need of improvement and enhancement with the language.

Program for teachers of the Russian language

, Brest, France,
August 30, 2011

Daugavpils is a great place to learn Russian: big enough to have a decent offer for leisure, culture, shopping etc., but small enough to allow for an individual experience and personal contacts with open and friendly people in a calm environment. Sure, Latvia was not my first idea when I started to look for a Russian course, but Im very glad about my choice, this young and beautiful EU country has a rich history and cultural variety, and with good conditions for learning Russian in Daugavpils where practically all people are native Russian speakers.
During my stay, I heard and spoke only Russian from the morning to the evening, starting with breakfast in the welcoming host family, then during the course, and in the shops, restaurants, on TV – complete immersion which is so helpful to make quick progress in understanding and speaking the language. The course program was completely tailored to my needs, in my case with focus on enlarging vocabulary in general Russian and specifically in business, agriculture and machinery-related topics. The highly motivated teachers would adapt to any questions that came up during the course. They also knew to manage the teaching in a way that 6 lessons a day never felt tiring but always interesting.
Within a short time, I could significantly enlarge my active vocabulary and be at ease with speaking in every-day situations. It was a great help that the local people are extremely patient and friendly, encouraging my efforts to learn their language, in contrast to some experiences I made in bigger cities in C.I.S. states.
In terms of organisation, I appreciated that the school is extremely focussed on the individual and did everything to help me discovering Daugavpils and its region according to my interests. Thanks to that, I enjoyed for instance a factory tour (in Russian!) and a very instructive visit to the local synagogue. The school is very attentive to small details that make life a lot easier, for instance with a Latvian mobile phone for local communications.
To sum up, I really had a pleasant time in Daugavpils, and it is now so much easier for me to have good discussions in Russian with Russian customers, colleagues, or simply when travelling in the C.I.S. states.

Program for teachers of the Russian language

, Washington D.C., USA,
June 26, 2009

I have worked with many different Russian language training programs in Russia, Ukraine, and Estonia during the past eleven years. Your program is one of the very best I have seen. You and your staff have superior organizational skills, constantly strove to make sure that the needs of each student were met, and provided our group with interesting and supportive families.
I was pleasantly surprised by the city of Daugavpils. Not only is it thoroughly
in character, the city is clean, friendly, and safe. I would strongly recommend your school and Daugavpils to anyone who either wants to begin learning Russian for the first time, or who would like a true Russian immersion experience in order to perfect their skills.