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Back to School: School Words in Russian

Back to School: School Words in Russian

Time to go back to school! We hope you had a really good summer, and now, you’re looking forward to start a new semester at school or university. In our today’s class, we’d like to talk about school words in Russian to help you get back to a study process more quickly. You’ve probably noticed how shops start getting ready to a new study year. They offer various kinds of notebooks, pencils, pens, rulers, etc. All these things remind you of a coming holiday.

So, we hope you’ve had a fantastic summer, already bought everything you need for school, and are ready to learn Russian!

Let’s begin with some basics:

Школа [SHKO-la] school
Колледж [KO-lyedsh] college
Училище [oo-CHEE-lee-shchye] specialized school, college
Институт [een-stee-TOOT] school, institution
Университет [oo-nee-vyer-see-TYET] university
Высшее учебное заведение [VIS-shee-ye oo-CHYEB-na-ye za-vee-DYE-nee-ye] institute of higher education

“ВУЗ” is short for высшее учебное заведение (institute of higher education):
ВУЗ [VOOS] institute of higher education

Let's begin with some basics

A study year is divided into:

Четверть [CHYET-vyert’] quarter
Симестр [see-MYESTR] semester


Учитель [oo-CHEE-tyel’] teacher
Учительница [oo-CHEE-tyel’-nee-tsa] female teacher
Преподаватель [pree-pa-da-VA-tyel’] teacher, tutor, professor
Преподавательница [pree-pa-da-VA-tyel’-nee-tsa] teacher, professor

Домашнее задание [da-MASH-nyee-ye za-DA-nee-ye] homework
Упражнение [oop-razh-NYE-nee-ye] exercise

School supplies in Russian:

Карандаш [ka-ran-DASH] pencil
Ручка [ROOCH-ka] pen
Тетрадь [teet-RAT’] notebook, notepad
Блокнот [blak-NOT] notepad
Книга [KNEE-ga] book
Словарь [sla-VAR’] dictionary
Линейка [lee-NYEY-ka] ruler
Резинка [ree-ZEEN-ka] eraser

School supplies

Other words in Russian:

Планшет [plan-SHYET] tablet
Ноутбук [na-oot-BOOK] notebook, laptop
Компьютер [kam-P’YOO-tyer] computer
Мышка [MISH-ka] mouse

Парта [PAR-ta] desk
Класс [KLAS] classroom, grade
Аудитория [a-oo-dee-TO-ree-ya] classroom
Библиотека [beeb-lee-a-TYE-ka] library

Курс [KOORS] course
Предмет [preed-MYET] school subject

Some interesting verbs related to school and studies:

Учиться [oo-CHEE-tsa] to study
Учить [oo-CHEET’] to study, to teach
Изучать [ee-zoo-CHAT’] to study
Думать [DOO-mat’] think
Решать [ree-SHAT’] solve (a problem)
Понимать [pa-nee-MAT’] understand
Писать [pee-SAT’] write
Читать [chee-TAT’] read
Слушать [SLOO-shat’] listen
Рисовать [ree-sa-VAT’] draw

Some interesting verbs related to school and studies

Words which you need to know when you speak about tests and exams:

Экзамен [eek-ZA-myen] exam, test
Сдавать экзамен [SDAT’ eek-ZA-meen] take the test
Сдать экзамен [SDAT’ eek-ZA-meen] pass the test
Провалить экзамен [pra-va-LEET’ eek-ZA-myen] fail the test

These are the words we’d like to share with you. We wish you all success in the new study year!

Back to School: School Words in Russian

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