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Computer Slang in Russian

Computer Slang in Russian

In our today’s article, we’ll take a closer look at a computer slang in Russian. Learning computer slang is an important part of learning a language in our time. We use lots of computer slang words every day.

Let’s begin!

Глюк (n.) [GLYOOK] glitch
Не могу загрузить фото, наверное, какой-то глюк.
I can’t upload a photo, probably because of some kind of glitch.

Десктоп [desk-TOP] desktop
Я создал новый документ на десктопе.
I created a new document on the desktop.

Зависать [za-vee-SAT’] to stop working suddenly (when talking about computer)
Мой комп опять завис!
My computer froze again!

Клава [KLA-va] keyboard
Смотри, у меня новая клава.
Look, I have a new keyboard.

Комп [KOMP] computer
У тебя такой классный комп.
Your computer is so cool.

Computer Slang in Russian

Обои [a-BO-ee] screen paper
Я загрузил новые обои.
I downloaded new wallpaper.

Полететь [pa-lee-TYET’] break
Мой новый телефон полетел.
My new phone broke.

Скинуть [SKEE-noot’] record, put
Скинь мне эту фотографию на флешку.
Put this photo on my USB flash drive.

Смайлик [SMAY-leek] smiley face
Эти смайлики такие прикольные!
These smiley faces are so cool!

Тормозить [tar-ma-ZEET’] work slowly
Что-то мой компьютер тормозит сегодня.
My computer is very slow for some reason today.

Флешка [FLESH-ka] or флашка [FLASH-ka] flash drive
Моя презентация сохранена на флешке.
My presentation is saved on the USB flash drive.

We hope, you’ll find the list of computer slang words useful. If you’d like to add any other words to this list, leave a comment.

Computer Slang in Russian

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