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Family Words in Russian

Family Words in Russian

Talking about your family is one of the most popular topics of conversation in Russia. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you about Russian words for family members. We will also look at some basic phrases, so when you are in a Russian-speaking environment, you have what to say and answer your conversation partner’s questions.

Family members

Russians often use the following words for their family members:

Мать [mat’y] mother

Отец [ot’-yets] father

Мама [ma-ma] mum

Папа [pa-pa] dad

Сестра [ses-tra] sister

Брат [brat] brother

Дочь [doch] daughter

Сын [syin] son

Бабушка [ba-bush-ka] grandmother

Дедушка [de-dush-ka] grandfather

Family Words in Russian

Жена [zhe-na] wife

Муж [muzh] husband

Тётя [tyo-tya] auntie

Дядя [dya-dya] uncle

Родители [rod-ye-te-lyi] parents

Дети [dye-tyi] children

Внучка [vnuc’h-ka] granddaughter

Внук [vnuk] grandson

Семья [syem-ya] family

Family Words in Russian

The diference between the words: mother and mum, fathet and dad

In the Russian language as well as the English language ther are tro options for the words “мама” and “папа”. The words “мама” and “папа” we more often use  in everyday life, as they sound more softly than  “мать” and “отец”.

The words “мать” and “отец” are mainly used when filling out documents or forms, when you are required to write about you parents.

Family Words in Russian

Basic phrases

People very often ask you a question about how many brothers and sisters you have, or if you have any children. So, you cane use these basic expressions to answer:

У меня есть сестра [U men’-ya yest’ ses-tra] I have a sister.

У меня есть брат [U men’-ya yest’ brat] I have a brother.

У тебя есть дети? [U teb-ya yesty det’-yi?] Do you have children?

У меня есть сын и дочь [U men-ya yest’ syin i doch ] I have a son and a daughter.

У меня нет детей [U men-ya nyet detey] I don’t have any children.

Well, we have got familiar with some basic words and phrases that you can use when speaking about your family. We hope you will find this article useful!

Family Words in Russian

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