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Fruit in Russian – Names and Pronunciation

Fruit in Russian – Names and Pronunciation

Almost everybody likes juicy, fresh fruit. We have made a list of the most popular fruit, so that you know the names of the fruit in Russian and how to pronounce these words.

What kinds of fruit grow in Russia and Latvia?

Both Russia and Latvia are not very warm countries so it is quite difficult to grow fruit that need a lot of sun and warm weather. Apples and pears are the most popular fruit in Latvia and Russia. In the South of Russia they grow peaches, melons, apricots, avocados, persimmons and even tangerines.


  • Фрукт [frUkt] – fruit
  • Апельсин [apel’sIn] – orange
  • Мандарин [mandarIn] – tangerine
  • Банан [banAn] – banana
  • Яблоко [yAbloko] – apple
  • Персик [pErsik] – peach
  • Абрикос [abrikOs] – apricot
  • Манго [mAngo] – mango
  • Ананас [ananAs] – pineapple
  • Дыня [dYinya] – melon
  • Грейпфрут [greypfrUt] – grapefruit
  • Лимон [limOn] – lemon
  • Лайм [lAim] – lime

Fruit in Russian: Some useful wirds

Some useful wirds

Tasty – вкусный

Попробуй это яблоко, оно очень вкусное!

Sweet – сладкий

Я вчера купил отличные апельсины, попробуй, они очень сладкие.

Sour – кислый

Лимон более кислый, чем лайм.

Bitter – горький

Я люблю грейпфрут, так как он не очень сладкий и немного горький.

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