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How to Pay a Compliment in Russian

How to Pay a Compliment in Russian

Compliments are always a good way to make someone feel special, especially if you learn how to pay them in your partner’s native language. If your partner speaks Russian, they will definitely be impressed with your efforts. Let’s talk about how to pay compliments in Russian.

One of the ways to pay a compliment is to say something about the person’s appearance or their skills.

For example:

  • Ты хорошо выглядишь! [TI ha-ra-SHO VIG-lya-deesh] You look great!

How to Pay a Compliment in Russian

If you really want to impress your girlfriend with your Russian, you can also add:

  • Ты хорошо выглядишь, впрочем, как всегда!

[TI ha-ra-SHO VIG-lya-deesh, vpo-CHEM, kak vsye-GDA] You look great, however, as always!

You can use other adverbs as well:

Хорошо [ha-ra-SHO] good, nice
Красиво [kra-SEE-va] beautiful
Отлично [at-LEECH-na] superb, excellent
Замечательно [za-mee-CHA-tyel’-na] remarkable, wonderful
Изумительно [ee-zoo-MEE-tyel’-na] amazingly, wonderful
Прекрасно [preek-RAS-na] very well, wonderful, excellent
Великолепно [vye-lee-ka-LYEP-na] splendid!, excellent!
Чудесно [choo-DYES-na] wonderful
Превосходно [pree-vas-HOD-na] excellent, magnificent
Классно [KLAS-na] great, cool

How to Pay a Compliment in Russian

For example:

  • Ты изумительно пахнешь [TIee-zoo-MEE-tyel’-napah-nesh] Yousmelllovely.
  • Ты прекрасно танцуешь [TI preek-RAS-na tan-chu-jesh] You’re dancing beautifully.
  • Ты хорошо говоришь по-английски! [TI ha-ra-SHO go-vo-rish po an-glij-skee] You speak English well.
  • Ты превосходно выглядишь! [TI pree-vas-HOD-na vy-glja-desh] You look great.

You can also say good words about the person’s appearance, qualities, or skills using the pronouns самая and самый:

Ты/вы самая [ti/vi SA-may-ya] you are the most…
Ты/вы самый [ti/vi SA-miy] – you are the most…

Or pronouns: такая/такой:

Ты/вы такая [ti/vi ta-KA-ya] – you are so…
Ты/вы такой [ti/vi ta-KOY] – you are so…

For example:

  • Ты самая красивая! [TI SA-may-ya KRA-si-va-ya] You’re the most beautiful!
  • Ты такая умная! [TI ta-KA-ya um-na-ya] You’re so smart!

How to Pay a Compliment in Russian

Here are a few adjectives you can use when paying compliments (they are  feminine adjectives):

Красивая [kra-SEE-va-ya] beautiful
Обаятельная [a-ba-YA-tyel’-na-ya] charming, fascinating
Замечательная [za-mee-CHA-tyel’-na-ya] wonderful, remarkable
Добрая [DOB-ra-ya] kind
Заботливая [za-BOT-lee-va-ya] caring
Нежная [NYEZH-na-ya] loving, affectionate
Умная [OOM-na-ya] smart
Профессиональная [pra-fye-see-a-NAL’-na-ya] professional

Here is a list of adjectives that you can use (they are masculine adjectives):

Хороший [ha-RO-sheey] good, kind
Красивый [kra-SEE-viy] beautiful
Отличный [at-LEECH-niy] excellent
Замечательный [za-mee-CHA-tyel’-na] remarkable, wonderful
Изумительный [ee-zoo-MEE-tyel’-na] amazing, wonderful
Прекрасный [preek-RAS-na] very well, wonderful, excellent
Великолепный [vye-lee-ka-LYEP-na] splendid!, excellent!
Чудесный [choo-DYES-na] wonderful
Превосходный [pree-vas-HOD-na] excellent, magnificent, superb
Классный [KLAS-na] great, cool

How to Pay a Compliment in Russian

Examples of other compliments:

  • У тебя прекрасный голос [U teb-ya preek-RAS-niy go-los] You have a beautiful voice.
  • У вас хорошее чувство юмора [U vas ha-RO-she-ye chu-stvo yu-mo-ra] You got a good sense of humor.
  • Твоё новое платье очень тебе идёт [Tvo-yo no-vo-ye plat-ye teb-ye ochen’ id-yot] Your new dress really looks good on you.
  • Мне нравится твоя новая причёска [Mnye nra-vi-tsa tvo-ya no-va-ya pri-cyo-ska] I love your new haircut.

We hope you will like the compliments we presented in this article. They are just a few examples, so do not hesitate to make up compliments of your own.

How to Pay a Compliment in Russian

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