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Interesting places to see in Latvia. Part 3

Interesting places to see in Latvia.

Today we’ll continue telling you about what interesting places you can see in Jurmala, Latvia. In this article, we’re going to speak about main sites and attractions in this resort city.

Jomas street

Jomas street is the central pedestrian street in Jurmala and its main attraction. It is distinguished with its wooden architecture and vibrant resort life during a summer season. It’s a favorite place for many foreign tourists as it’s full of shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Jomas street

Jomas street is the oldest street in Jurmala as it was open in the late 19th century. It’s 1.1 kilometers long. The name of the street originated from the Latvian word “joma” which means “bay”. Street development is related to bays in Jurmala. Every summer, in Jurmala there is a festival of Jomas street.  For several days, residents and guests of the city have the opportunity to visit various concerts, theater performances, a festival market, craftsmen workshops, a festive procession and sports events.

The observation tower and park in Dzintari

Park “Dzintari” is a family park in Jurmala. It hosts a playground for children of different ages, a skate park, a stage, an observation tower, etc. The park is open all year round. For example, in the winter you can do skiing along the brightly lit track.

The observation tower and park in Dzintari

The observation tower is also located in Jurmala’s park “Dzintari”. It’s an observation tower for those who love the thrill, and you can climb it free of charge. The tower is about 34 meters high and has 12 observation deck at different levels. The tower offers a magnificent view of the resort city of Jurmala.

Concert hall “Dzintari”

The concert hall “Dzintari” is a concert complex which is located in Jurmala. It was built in 1936 after the plans of the architects Viktors Mellenbergs and Aleksandrs Birznieks.  The concert hall complex includes the Small Hall and the Great Hall.

Concert hall "Dzintari"

Today, it’s the most popular place in Latvia for organizing concerts and various other events. Every summer famous artists have been performing at the concert hall for almost 70 years. In the summer season, the audience of the concert hall can enjoy about 100 concerts whose programs caters for every taste and for all ages, from folklore and classics to rock and pop music.

The statue of a turtle in Jurmala

The statue of a turtle is a bronze sculpture on the see shore in Jurmala. It was created by a famous Latvian sculptor Janis Barda in 1995. It has become a new tradition in Latvia for tourists who visit Jurmala to have their photo taken next to the turtle. Tourists most often climb the neck of the animal, but the bravest ones on the top of it. It is believed that the turtle can make your dreams come true – you just have to rub its head or shell.

The statue of a turtle in Jurmala

That’s all about popular sites and attractions in Jurmala. Follow our blog not to miss our new articles.

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