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June 12 – Russia Day

June 12 - Russia Day

Russia Day is an important state holiday for all people in Russia. It is celebrated every year on June 12. Until 2002 this holiday used to have a different name – Day of Adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Russia. Russia Day is considered to be one of the newest state holidays.

Adoption of sovereignty

On June 12,1990, there was the first Congress of People’s Deputies of RSFSR that adopted the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Russia. By that time, many of the republics that were part of the USSR adopted their independence from the USSR. In order to enhance Russian statehood, a new name of the country was also adopted – Russian Federation.

une 12,1990

First president of Russian Federation

In addition to the adoption of independence on June 12, on the same day, the country’s first public open presidential election was held, and Boris Yeltsin won the election. It was Boris Yeltsin who in his decree make a decision to make June 12 a public holiday, which was later called – the Day of adoption of the Declaration on state sovereignty of the Russian Federation. Later, the holiday was called Independence Day.

But the first attempt to create a main public holiday was ridiculous, as every Russian citizen interpreted it in a different way; surveys from previous years showed that the Russians did not fully understand the idea of this holiday. For most people, June 12 became just another day off when they can relax or go to dacha.

First president of Russian Federation

In 1998 Boris Yeltsin made another attempt to explain the significance of the holiday, and offered to celebrate it as Russia Day. The holiday received its official name only on February 1, 2002, when the laws of the new Labor code of the Russian Federation came into force.

Russia Day today

June 12 is an important day for all people in Russia. All residents of Russia of all ages take part in a large number of solemn and festival events that are organized in this day. Moreover, every year on this day the President of Russian Kremlin gives State Awards of the Russian Federation to prominent scientists, writers, actors, etc. The main celebrations are organized on the Red Square in Moscow. The holiday ends with magnificent fireworks.

Russia Day today

Every year Russia Day becomes a symbol of national unity, acquiring more and more patriotic features. Every Russian citizen remembers that they are responsible for the present and future of their homeland. June 12 is a holiday of freedom, peace, and harmony of all people on the basis of law and justice.

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