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Prices for Russian language study programs

Latvia uses Euro as the national currency. All prices for Russian language study programs are shown in Euro.

We try to customize every program according to the training goals, preferences and budgets of every individual student, training project, or academic study abroad program.

Price components

The price of the individual training consists of the following components:

  • registration fee;
  • accommodation fee;
  • study fee according to the program selected and season:
high season low season
weeks from 14 to 36

weeks 1-13 and 37-52

10% discount for the 3rd and further weeks of training

You also should consider additional expenses during your stay in Daugavpils:

  • participation fee for excursions and cultural events of your choice;
  • personal living expenses in Daugavpils.

Upon receiving the pre-booking application from a student, we always prepare a budget proposal and return it for a review. After the student approves the budget, we send an official invoice for the program.

Prices for 2017

Registration fee (single time) 50.00
Russian-speaking host family, breakfast, per 1 week 125.00
Russian-speaking host family, breakfast and dinner, per 1 week 150.00
“Communication and Interactive Grammar”, levels A1-B1, per 1 lesson (50 minutes) 20.00
“Communication and Interactive Grammar”, levels B2 and higher, per 1 lesson (50 minutes) 25.00
“Russian for Professional Purposes”, per 1 lesson (50 minutes) 28.00


Example: study fee, “Communication and Interactive Grammar”, levels A1-B1, high season

Lessons per week: 20 25 30
Study fee, 1 week 400 500 600
Study fee, 2 weeks 800 1000 1200
Study fee, 3 weeks 1200 1500 1800
Study fee, 4 weeks 1600 2000 2400

Example: full program cost (includes accommodation in a host family with breakfast and dinner, studies, registration), “Communication and Interactive Grammar”, levels A1-B1, high season

Lessons per week: 20 25 30
Full program cost, 1 week 600 700 800
Full program cost, 2 weeks 1150 1350 1550
Full program cost, 3 weeks 1700 2000 2300
Full program cost, 4 weeks 2250 2650 3050

Example: everyday personal expenses

Lunch in a cafe 2.50 – 5.00
Dinner in a restaurant 6.00 – 15.00
One ride in a bus or a tram 0.43