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Russian Words for Pets

Russian Words for Pets

Today, during our we’d like to talk to you about our favorite pets  who are always so happy to see us every time we come home, and who love us immensely and unconditionally. In the article, we’ll tell you about which words to use when we speak about pets, as well as give you a list of adjectives and verbs to describe your pets.

In Russian we also refer to pets as:

Братья наши меньшие [BRAT’-ya NA-shee MYEN’-shee-ye] (Literally: our minor brothers)


Наши четвероногие друзья [NA-shee chyet-vye-ra-NO-gee-ye drooz’-YA] our four-legged friends

Russian Words for Pets

Let’s begin with the basic words:

Домашнее животное [da-MASH-nye-ye zhee-VOT-na-ye] pet
Зоотовары [za-a-ta-VA-ri] pet store

Собака [sa-BA-ka] is usually a female dog
Пёс [PYOS] is usually a male dog
Щенок [shchee-NOK] puppy

Кошка [KOSH-ka] is usually a female cat
Кот [KOT] is usually a male cat
Котёнок [ka-TYO-nak] kitten

Russian Words for Pets

Хомяк [ha-MYAK] hamster
Хомячок [ha-mya-CHOK] diminutive form of word hamster

Попугай [pa-poo-GAY] parrot
Попугайчик [pa-poo-GAY-cheek] diminutive form of word parrot
Канарейка [ka-na-RYE-ka] canary
Птица [PTEE-tsa] bird
Птичка [PTEE-chka] diminutive form of word bird, or a birdie

Рыбка [PIP-ka] small fish

Adjectives you can use to describe your pet in Russian:

Маленький [MA-lyen’-keey] small
Большой [bal’-SHOY] big
Пушистый [poo-SHEES-tiy] fluffy, furry
Лохматый [lah-MA-tiy] shaggy
Полосатый [pa-la-SA-tiy] stripy
Короткошерстный [ka-rat-ka-SHER-sniy] short-haired
Длинношерстный [dlee-na-SHER-sniy] long-haired
Породистый [pa-RO-dees-tiy] purebred

Russian Words for Pets

Verbs you may need to talk about your pet:

Кормить [kar-MEET’] feed
Гладить [GLA-deet’] pet, stroke
Дрессировать [drye-see-ra-VAT’] train
Учить [oo-CHEET’] teach
Тренировать [trye-nee-ra-VAT’] train, coach
Играть c [eeg-RAT’] play with
Выводить собаку на прогулку [vi-va-DEET’ sa-BA-koo na pra-GOOL-koo] take a dog for a walk

Russian Words for Pets

A few more words:

Усы [oo-SI] whiskers
Морда [MOR-da] snout
Лапа [LA-pa] paw
Коготь [KO-gat’] claw
Хвост [HVOST] tail
Дворняжка [dvar-NYASH-ka] mongrel
Кличка [KLEECH-ka] pet’s name, nickname
Порода [pa-RO-da] breed
Будка [BOOT-ka] kennel
Аквариум [ak-VA-ree-oom] aquarium
Клетка [KLYET-ka] cage
Корм [KORM] pet food
Лакомство [LA-ka-mstva] treat
Кость [KOST’] bone
Игрушка [eeg-ROOSH-ka] toy
Ошейник [a-SHEY-neek] collar
Поводок [pa-va-DOK] leash
Намордник [na-MORD-neek] muzzle

That’s all! Do you have a pet? Tell us about it in the comments!

Russian Words for Pets

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