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Study Abroad at Daugavpils University

Daugavpils University

Programm features: Daugavpils University

All semester study abroad programs at Daugavpils University (DU), offered by the “Learn Russian in the EU”, are licensed and accredited, guaranteeing their European and worldwide recognition. DU is a member of European University Association (EUA). DU diplomas are certified by the European Commission.

Daugavpils University is the major academic and research institution in Eastern Latvia. The Department of Russian and Slavic Linguistics has a long tradition of research and teaching Russian language and literature to teachers, philologists and linguists. The Department of Russian and Slavic Linguistics runs Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programs in Russian philology, as well as programs in pedagogy, translation, and programs in intercultural communication.

For more than 20 years DU has been offering foreign students study abroad programs in Russian language, literature and culture.

Credit transfer

Credit transfer

Daugavpils University awards European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits. ECTS was developed by the European Commission to provide common overseas procedures for recognizing studies completed within participating European countries. Most European countries use ECTS, and ECTS credits are widely accepted by universities around the world.

For a semester abroad program Daugavpils University will award 30 ECTS credits, which is the equivalent of 15 US university credits.

Please contact your academic advisor regarding all aspects of DU/ECTS credits approval by your home university, and make sure you know all requirements and restrictions. ECTS credit acceptance entirely depends on your home university.

Academic calendar

Academic calendar

Daugavpils University fall semester usually begins on September 1st and lasts till the end of January. Spring semester begins in February and lasts till the end of June.

The “Learn Russian in the EU” semester abroad programs are shorter than a standard DU semester. The fall semester program is 15-weeks long and the Spring semester program is 16-weeks long.

The classes

The classes

The study groups are formed exclusively from the “Learn Russian in the EU” international students. Thus, your classmates will be of a similar background and with similar training objectives.

Minimum required enrollment for each program is 4 students. Class size for Russian as a Foreign Language is 4-10 students.

Elective courses may be delivered in groups or in one-on-one setting. These courses are taught in Russian, though the teachers usually are English-speaking.

DU teachers use contemporary methods and, as a rule, classes are highly interactive.

Academic hours

Academic hours

Daugavpils University uses 45 minute academic blocks. The lessons are usually run in pairs, with a short break in the middle.



Any person over 18 years, studying in a university or holding a high school degree, can apply.

Costs, payments, discounts

02-001Participation Confirmation Fee

Upon receiving your pre-booking application, we will send you an acceptance confirmation e-mail. In this e-mail you will also be informed on how to make the Participation Confirmation payment.

This payment reserves your spot and allows us make initial reservations and planning for running your program. The Participation Confirmation Fee is a non-refundable payment.

02-002Program Fee

The Program Fee consists of two parts: Tuition and Housing fees.

The Tuition Fee includes all activities and services related to delivering the selected program: tuition, excursions, materials, in-country support services, insurance, local mobile phone etc.

The Housing Fee covers accommodation in a selected Russian-speaking family with 2 meals on weekdays and full board on weekends.


Students can take advantage of our Early Bird Discount and save 500 Euro. This option is available in case of the full Program Fee prepayment 8 weeks before the programs begins.


The Program Fee is payable in 2 affordable 50%+50% installments. The first payment has to be completed in advance and the second payment is expected in 6 weeks after the start of the semester abroad program.

Our preferable payment method is bank transfer to our account, following the instructions as shown in invoices.

We also accept major credit cards, including the US Government Purchase Card. To process a credit card we will need your card details provided over the phone or via e-mail.

Dates and deadlines

Fall semester 2017, duration 15 weeks:

Spring semester 2018, duration 16 weeks:

Participation confirmation deadline 100 Euro, non-refundable June 23, 2017 December 1, 2017
Early Bird Discount deadline Eligible for 500 Euro discount on the full program fee pre-payment July 10, 2017 December 10, 2017
Program pre-payment deadline 50% of the program fee August 14, 2017 January 16, 2018
Program start date September 4, 2017 February 6, 2018
Final payment deadline 50% of the program fee October 20, 2017 March 20, 2018
Program end date December 15, 2017 May 25, 2018

Fall semester 2018, duration 15 weeks:

Spring semester 2019, duration 16 weeks:

Participation confirmation deadline 100 Euro, non-refundable June 23, 2018 December 1, 2018
Early Bird Discount deadline Eligible for 500 Euro discount on the full program fee pre-payment July 10, 2018 December 10, 2018
Program pre-payment deadline 50% of the program fee August 14, 2018 January 16, 2019
Program start date September 3, 2018 February 4, 2019
Final payment deadline 50% of the program fee October 20, 2018 March 20, 2019
Program end date December 14, 2018 May 24, 2019

Withdrawals and refund policy for Semester Abroad programs

Students who withdraw from a semester study abroad program are subject to the “Learn Russian in the EU” policies regarding withdrawal and refund:

Full refund
  • If due to any reason “Learn Russian in the EU” cancels a semester abroad program (e.g. if the minimum required enrollment of 4 students for a program was not satisfied), we offer a full refund of all Program Fee payments received.
  • If we are notified at least 30 days before the start date, we offer a full refund of all Program Fee payments received.
Partial refund
  • If we are notified less than 30 days before the start date, we refund 60% of all Program Fee payments received.
  • If we are notified during the first 10 days upon the program started, we refund 40% of all Program Fee payments received.
No refund
  • No refund will be possible after 10 days upon the program started.
  • The Participation Confirmation fee of 100 Euro is non-refundable.

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation and meals

The greatest asset of the “Learn Russian in the EU” is a growing and enthusiastic community of excellent Russian-speaking host families. These families much more than convenient lodging and good meals for international students, they are integrated into our training and cultural activities. Many our families have hosted numerous foreign students over the recent years.

We offer accommodation in Russian-speaking host families with breakfast and dinner on workdays, three meals on weekends.

Please find more about our host family services here

Cultural and sports activities

Cultural and sports activities

Daugavpils Theater drama and musical performances in Russian, concerts, festivals, and exhibitions will give you an insight to cultural life of Daugavpils. At our evening Culture Club weekly sessions, you will informally explore Russian culture through literature, movies, cuisine, and music.

Our dedicated sports manager will arrange sports events, help you find the best option for your routine exercises, and take you to exciting competitions.

Of course, visiting an authentic Russian banya (steam house) is also included!

Excursions and field trips

The academic study abroad program is supplemented with excursions, tours, and field trips. Our professional guides or DU faculty members lead all excursions.


Weekday excursions

On weekdays, included in the program are the Daugavpils walking tour, excursions to the Church Hill, Daugavpils Fortress, Mark Rothko Art Center, 20th Century wars military memorials, the Holocaust Memorial, Russian Culture Center, Jewish Community Museum, Russian Old Believers ethnographic site.


Weekend study trips

Saturday study trip destinations include the Basilica of Aglona and museums, the Rundale Palace. Peer communication partners will accompany international students during these trips.


Long weekend overnight trips

Long weekend overnight trips to Riga, the capital of Latvia, and Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, are also included in the program. In Riga students will explore the magnificent Old Town, masterpieces of Art Nouveau architecture, and museums. In Lithuania students will go to the medieval Trakai Castle and enjoy historical heritage and contemporary lifestyle of Vilnius. This experience will provide students with better understanding of complex relations between Baltic nations and major European powers through the history.

Lodging in tourist class hotels is included into the program fee.


Independent travel

The program also includes 2 long weekends (Thursday-Sunday), reserved for students’ independent travel. Visa-free trips to Helsinki, Stockholm, Warsaw, Prague, Tallinn are among the most popular our students’ choices.

Optional Travel Week: going to Russia or Belarus

During the Travel Week our students can go to either Russia (Moscow, St.Petersburg), or Belarus (Vitebsk, Minsk, Nesvizh, Brest, Grodno). We will consider students’ preferences when deciding on what one trip will be implemented.

Minimum number of participants for each trip option is 3 students.

For these study trips, a visa to either Russia, or to Belarus is required. We help our students with preparing and submitting the visa applications to the consulates of Russia and Belarus in Daugavpils. However, obtaining the Russian or Belarussian visa is solely in the competence of the consulates and cannot be guaranteed by “Learn Russian in the EU”. The visa application processing fee is non-refundable.

During the study trips, each day will be full of excursions and discoveries, though free time for independent exploration will be also reserved.

“Learn Russian in the EU” provides all required planning and handling of all organizational details and logistics. We use 2-3 star hotels for lodging. All rooms are for 1-3 students per room and have private bathrooms. Breakfasts are included into the program cost. Budgeting of all other meals and personal expenses is a student’s responsibility.

Study trip costs are fully payable at least 10 days before the departure and are non-refundable. Only train tickets may be refunded. However, the conditions for the train tickets refund are set by railroad operators.

All schedules and costs are based on our previous experience with such study trips. The costs are provided as tentative and are subject to change.

Travel Week: Russia


Day 1
Transfer from Daugavpils to Rezekne. Train to Moscow, overnight in a comfortable compartment carriage.
Day 2
Arrival to Moscow in the morning. Excursion to the Moscow Kremlin, Kremlin Armoury, Diamond Fund.
Day 3
Excursions to Moscow Metro and Tretyakov Art Gallery.
Day 4
Moscow sightseeing tour. Train to St Petersburg. Arrival to St.Petersburg.
Day 5
St.Petersburg sightseeing tour, Piskaryovskoye Memorial Cemetery, Peter and Paul Fortress.
Day 6
Trip to Tsarskoye Selo. Catherine Palace, Amber Room.
Day 7
Day 8

Church of the Savior on Blood, Yusupov Palace.

Train to Daugavpils, overnight in a comfortable compartment carriage.

Day 9
Early morning: transfer from Rezekne to Daugavpils.

Visa and insurance: 190 Euro.

Estimated cost: 950 Euro.

Travel Week: Belarus

Travel Week: Belarus

For the whole duration of this trip we provide a van with a professional driver. 

Day 1
Departure from Daugavpils. Arrival to Vitebsk, excursions. Arrival to Minsk
Day 2
“Stalin Line” WW2 history complex. Minsk sightseeing.
Day 3

Departure to Nesvizh. Nesvizh Castle, the family complex of the Radziwiłł noble family, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Arrival to Brest.

Day 4
Brest Fortress and sightseeing. Arrival to Grodno.
Day 5

Sightseeing excursion around historical sites of Grodno, an important political center of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Departure to Daugavpils.

Visit to the “Grutas Park” in Lithuania, a sculpture garden of Soviet-era statues and an exposition of other Soviet ideological relics.

Return to Daugavpils.

Visa and insurance: 75 Euro

Estimated cost: 720 Euro.

Additional services and personal expenses



The on-site orientation opens the program. This session will introduce you to the academic program, history, culture and unique features of our region, living with a host family, health and safety issues.


Welcome Kit

Students receive a comprehensive welcome kit with reference materials, maps and materials.


Mobile phone

A local mobile phone with a pre-paid deposit will be provided for communication with other program participants.



Local health and accidents insurance is included. “Learn Russian in the EU” provides 24/7 in-country support throughout the program.



We recommend arriving in Riga International Airport (RIX) no later than one day prior the program start day.

Round-trip airport transfers RIX-Daugavpils is included into the tuition fee.



Free Wi-Fi Internet access is available in classes and at host families. In Latvia free Wi-Fi is generally available in café, libraries, intercity buses, trains. The connections speed usually is high and stable.



We recommend bringing a Wi-Fi enabled notebook or tablet.


Estimated additional expenses

Average lunch in a café on workdays 2.50 – 4.50 Euro
Local transportation 100 Euro for the whole program duration
Three-month pass to a fitness center 55-115 Euro