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Sport in Daugavpils

Sport in Daugavpils

In this article we are going to tell you about sport in Daugavpils, and about the places where you can spend your free time and keep fit.

Daugavpils Olympic Centre

Daugavpils Olympic Centre

If you like doing sport every day, you can visit Daugavpils Olympic Centre. There are big and small swimming pools, a gym, and an aerobics hall where you can do sport as well as relax.  If you are planning to visit the Centre every day you can buy a membership card.

Daugavpils Ice Hall

Daugavpils Ice Hall

If you are fond of skating, you can enjoy it all year round at Daugavpils Ice Hall. You can go to the Ice Hall on your own or together with your friends. You can take your own skates if you have ones, or you can rent a pair of skates at the Hall.

Adventure Park “Daugavpils Tarzāns”

Adventure Park Daugavpils Tarzāns

The Adventure Park “Daugavpils Tarzāns” is located in Daugavpils not far from Stropi lake.  For those who love obstacles “Daugavpils Tarzāns” offers  6 routes and  6 levels of difficulty which challenge your sense of balance and physical  fitness. You can feel 100% safe during doing the obstacle route as the security measures are really excellent.

Recreation Park at Esplanada

Recreation Park at Esplanada

The recreation park at Esplanada is a bike park which has a bike lane, skate park and adventure route. It is also meant for various vehicles such as  bmx, mountain bikes, street bikes, balance bikes, skateboards, longboards, scooters, and roller blades.Take your friends to have even more fun!

Wake-Park “Wake It”

Wake-Park Wake It

A wake-park “Wake It” is located at Rugeli reservoir.  Both professional wake boarders  and amateurs will love this place. You can rent a water scooter  to see how fit you are, as in order to move on the water you need to apply your muscles. You can also walk on the water in a water ball or a hydro zorb. On the bank of the reservoir you can do trampoline tumbling or play with the ball.

Open Air Tennis Courts

Open Air Tennis Courts

Open Air Tennis Courts are located at Stropi forest. There are 4 tennis courts offered by Daugavpils Tennis Club which work every day during spring and summer seasons. You can rent all the necessary equipment, tennis rackets and balls.

Boat Rent “Beibuks”

Boat Rent Beibuks

The Boat Rent “Beibuks” is also located a few kilometers away from Daugavpils. People who love water sport can hire wooden rafts, canoes, kayaks, catamarans, and other  equipment. The company often organizes open air sports events.  At “Beibuks”  you can also rent a bike.

Ski Center “Eglukalns”

Ski Center Eglukalns

In the winter you can go the the ski center “Eglukalns” which is located in Daugavpils region. People who are fond of skiing and snowboarding will love this place.  At the ski center “Eglukalns” you can find three routes which are meant for beginners and for experiences skiers and snowboarders.

Silene Resort & SPA

Silene Resort SPA

If you are fond of active recreation, you will like Silene Resort & Spa which is located few kilometers away from Daugavpils. This is a resort where you can both have an excellent rest and see if you are fit enough by doing an obstacle path. At Silene Resort & Spa you can also play paintball, ride electric scooters, bikes, water bikes, as well as you can rent various sports equipment.  Silene Resort & SPA also offers a set of chin-up bars for people fond of strength training.

Active leisure is a pathway to good health. In our article you can find the right place for you where you can do sport and keep fit.

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