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Spring Words in Russian

Spring Words in Russian

As the spring is coming, it is time to learn some spring vocabulary in Russian. So, in this article let’s look at some spring words in Russian. We shall start with the basics.

Names of spring months:

  • Весенние месяцы [vee-SYE-nee-ye MYE-sya-tsi] spring months
  • Март [MART] March
  • Апрель [ap-RYEL’] April
  • Май [MAY] May

Let’s look at how we can use word “spring”:

  • Весна [vees-NA] spring
  • Весна идёт [vees-NA ee-DYOT] Spring is coming

When we speak about a new season coming, we use the verb Идти [eed-TEE].

Spring is coming

  • Наступила весна [nas-too-PEE-la vees-NA] Spring has come

The word Наступить [nas-too-PEET’] has several meanings, but in this context, it means “идти”.

  • Весна пришла [vees-NA preesh-LA] spring has come

Прийти [preey-TEE] – is a perfective form of the verb  Приходить [pree-ha-DEET ’], which also means “идти”.  The verb “прийти” is a synonym of the word “наступить”.

Some more spring words in Russian:

Finally, after a long and cold winter the nature is waking up and is getting ready for the summer.

  • Таять [TA-yat’] thaw, melt
  • Тает снег [TA-yet SNYEH] snow melts
  • Капель [ka-PYEL’] “dripping water from the thaw”
  • Оттепель [O-tee-pyel’] thaw
  • Бежать [bee-ZHAT’] run
  • Ручей [roo-CHEY] stream
  • Журчать [zhoor-CHAT’] purl, babble

 A thaw has set in

For example:

  • В марте начинается капель [V mar-tye na-che-na-yet-sa ka-pel’] In March water starts dripping from the thaw.
  • Hаступила оттепель [Na-stu-pee-la o-tee-pyel’] A thaw has set in.
  • Бегут ручьи [Bee-gut ru-chyi] Streams run.
  • Журчат ручьи [Zhur-cyat ru-chyi] Streams babble.

Examples of other spring words:

  • Цветок [tsvee-TOK] flower
  • Цветы [tsvee-TI] flowers
  • Подснежник [pad-SNYEZH-neek] snowdrop
  • Тюльпан [tyool’-PAN] tulip
  • Нарцисс [nar-TSIS] Narcissus
  • Выглядывать [vig-LYA-di-vat’] peep out, emerge
  • Трава [tra-VA] grass
  • Цветение [tsvee-TYE-nee-ye] blossom
  • Расцветать [ras-tsvee-TAT’] blossom
  • Вырастать [vi-ras-TAT’] grow
  • Воздух [VOZ-dooh] air
  • Тёплый [TYOP-liy] warm
  • Теплеть [teep-LYET’] warm up, get warm
  • Зеленеть [zye-lye-NYET’] become greener
  • Распускаться [ras-poos-KAT’-sya] open (about plants), blossom out
  • Появляться [pa-yav-LYAT’-sya] appear
  • Почка [POCH-ka] “bud”

The grass is getting greener, the flowers blossom out.

For example:

  • Зеленеет трава, распускаются цветы. [zye-lye-NYE-YET tra-VA, ras-poos-KA-yut-sya tsvee-TI] The grass is getting greener, the flowers blossom out.
  • Воздух становится теплее.[VOZ-dooh sta-no-vyi-tsa tyeep-LYE-YE] The air becomes warmer.

Clothes you wear in the spring:

  • Плащ [PLASH’] rain coat
  • Кожаная куртка [KO-zha-na-ya KOORT-ka] leather coat
  • Шарфик [SHAR-feek] scarf (diminutive from шарф)
  • Туфли [TOOF-lee] shoes
  • Кофта [KOF-ta] cardigan, knitted jacket
  • Пиджак [peed-ZHAK] jacket, coat
  • Жакет [zha-KYET] jacket
  • Блейзер [BLEY-zyer] blazer

Clothes you wear in the spring

That’s it for today, we hope you have learned something new. Follow our blog and have a nice day!

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