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Custom Russian Language Project for a Group

Institutional customers seeking a training solution for a group of their students or employees can request us to develop a custom Russian language study project.

Only individuals assigned by the customer’s management can participate in this type of program. No students from outside can be admitted.

Development of a custom project may be requested by (for example)

  • a government institution that needs to upgrade Russian language skills of several employees before they take language proficiency tests;
  • a university that wants to create an immersion program for Russian language students.

“Learn Russian in the EU” designs, plans, and implements custom Russian language projects in cooperation with program management on the customers’ end (Study Abroad specialist, CLPM, HR Development specialist).

Every institutional customer has a unique set of training goals, program content requirements, preferences regarding student privacy and safety, the pre-program and post-program tests, methods and materials used in the classroom, out-of-class activities, lodging, logistics, budget, payments, and many other parameters. All of these details are addressed by the custom project.

Upon completion of the project, we discuss its results and student feedback with the customer’s program management. Together we plan adjustments and improvements for further implementations. With some customers we have already ran many programs that have been gradually improving and evolving to follow changes in the customers’ requirements.

Here are examples of custom Russian language projects:

Government institution Intensive 2-4 week immersions for groups of employees. Development of high-level Russian communication skills, using contemporary topics, task-based high-level language activities such as roundtable discussions, debates and interviews with professionals of different fields.

Daugavpils University professors develop advanced training materials to support this custom project and work as teachers.

University Two-month summer immersion program for students of 2-4 years of study. The program is provided in subgroups at different ACTFL levels and includes extensive cultural activities, OPI and Flagship tests.
Command Language Program Intensive language maintenance training and DLPT preparation course for a group of linguists. The program focuses on the Russian communication and discussion of contemporary international politics and history.
University Intensive 2-week program for a group of Russian majors in order to prepare for oral exams.
Language agent Intensive 2-week upgrade program for a group of experienced interpreters. The program includes high-level lectures and discussions on contemporary Russian language and literature, Russian media and society, international politics, and science.