• Learn Russian in the European Union

Individually Tailored Russian Language Program

This is a very flexible and advanced one-on-one study option. “Learn Russian in the EU” provides individually tailored Russian language programs for students with specific academic or professional interests: graduate students, industry professionals, military linguists, diplomats, FAOs, interpreters, Russian language teachers, and others.

In a dialogue with “Learn Russian in the EU” each student builds a “dream program” that can include Russian language lessons, academic for-credit courses in literature, political science, history and other subjects at Daugavpils University, consultations with university professors, selected excursions and additional services. Non-language courses can be provided in Russian or bilingually in Russian and English. Of course, the program dates and lodging options are also flexible.

Here are some typical examples of individually tailored Russian language programs:

PhD student, Russian Literature Summer program, classes/consultations with DU professors on selected works of N.Gogol and poets of the Silver Age.
Undergraduate student, International Relations Intensive two-month program in the Russian language including three academic for-credit courses (9 ECTS) at Daugavpils University.
Diplomat, FAO Intensive refresher course in the Russian communication and high-level discussion of topics in contemporary international politics and history.
Interpreter Dialogues with DU professors on a broad range of topics. Advanced vocabulary development in the field of biology.
Russian-language instructor at a university Conversational practice based on recent Russian media publications, video and audio materials, as well as an update on modern Russian language stylistics, syntax, and phonetics.