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Overview of the Russian language programs in Daugavpils, Latvia

The Russian language programs in Daugavpils are suitable for university students, language professionals and private learners. Our Russian language programs are always fully customized.

Communication and interactive grammar

Enhancing practical language skills and communication skills, extending knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

The program will provide full language immersion – you will be encouraged to practice Russian both in and out of the classroom. Modern interactive teaching methods, versatile and creative classroom activities are reinforced by unique host family experience, weekend excursions and out-of-class cultural programs.

Upon students’ request we can provide additional individual study of the professional vocabulary, work on general skills of business communication, as well as help in solving specific tasks such as preparing presentations in Russian or negotiations with Russian-speaking colleagues and partners.

The peculiarity of the course – training and social program are run in the way which encourages students to think and speak Russian all the time.

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Academic study abroad programs

Provide international students, specializing in the Russian language, literature, culture, as well as in East European area studies an attractive semester abroad opportunity, featuring strong academic program, extensive regional field trips, and European ECTS credits.

We offer semester programs in the Russian language, literature, and culture, as well as in East European, Baltic and post-Soviet studies. The programs are hosted by the Department of Russian and Slavic Linguistics at Daugavpils University.

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) academic transcripts are available. Daugavpils University provides credit transfer as developed by the European Commission and Council of Europe under the European Credit Transfer System. ECTS credits are widely accepted by North American universities.

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Internship opportunities

Help foreign students in obtaining international professional experience and intercultural skills, exploring cultural and historical features of our region with internships in Daugavpils, Latvia.

We offer different tailored internship programs with work placement in academic, research, culture, municipal government, sports, law enforcement institutions.

Our internships run all the year round and in different proportions supplement the work practice with Russian language lessons, academic consultations in the Russian literature, East European and Baltic studies, history, etc. These programs provide credit transfer from Daugavpils University.

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Teacher development courses

Development of language proficiency of Russian language teachers who teach Russian as Foreign language.

These courses are designed to help teachers learn new methods of teaching, share their best practices in teaching with fellow participants, as well as upgrade their own communication skills in an authentic language environment.

Participants from the EU member states can apply for funding for training courses through the EU Erasmus+.

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