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Russian as a Foreign Language

UPDATE: Fall 2020 in-person study abroad programs and the pandemic

In the Fall 2020 semester, “Learn Russian in the EU” Russian study abroad programs hosted at Daugavpils University will be provided in-person.

In general, Latvia deals with the pandemic very effectively. We are one of the Covid-19 safest countries in Europe.

Dates for the Fall 2020 semester study abroad programs:

  • Start date Monday, September 14, 2020.
  • End date Friday, December 18, 2020.
  • The application deadline is September 6, 2020.

Please find details on entering Latvia, official regulations, and statistics here.

Please contact us directly for inquiries on in-person Russian study abroad programs in Fall 2020.

“Learn Russian in the EU” provides intensive one-on-one courses in Russian as a Foreign Language. These courses help students improve general skills in reading, listening, speaking, and grammar at target Russian proficiency levels up to ACTFL Advanced Mid/ CEFR B2.

Students can focus on developing practical communication skills, refining the grammar, preparing for an upcoming university exam or particular test like DLPT, OPI or TRKI (TORFL).

Each student can maximize training outcomes by customizing major course parameters: the proficiency level, start and end dates, number of lessons, areas in grammar or communication topics to be covered, and others. Living with a Russian-speaking host family and full language and cultural immersion in Daugavpils, the most Russian city in the European Union, will help students make a rapid progress.

For students at lower proficiency levels, we recommend taking up to 4 individual lessons daily. We can also ensure that teachers are fluent in English. For students at higher levels, we recommend taking up to 6 individual lessons per day.

This type of a program does not include any non-language modules (e.g. literature, history, political science, and etc.) or awarding Daugavpils University academic credits. In case you are seeking a program including such features, please consider our Individually Tailored Russian Language Program or Academic Year/Semester Study Abroad Program.