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Russian Language Courses

Course options

We provide various options of Russian language course:

  • Individual course
  • Academic program and Study Abroad program
  • Fully tailored project groups
  • Internship

Course start dates

  • You can negotiate the start date of an individual or project group course. We always try to consider all your needs, plans and deadlines.
  • Please plan your study in advance and organize as many details as possible yourself. Please do not leave important decisions to the last moment, and do ask us if you have any questions.

Assessment of students’ basic knowledge

  • We recommend our potential students to assess their knowledge of Russian language (speaking, understanding, writing) according to the Levels of Competence in Russian as a Foreign Language of the Ministry of Education of Russia or the European Language Portfolio Self Assessment Grid or inform us about their skill level (speaking, reading, writing, listening) according to ILR Language Proficiency Skill Levels or STANAG 6001 Language Proficiency Levels prior the beginning of the course.
  • Prior to the beginning of the study course we always hold an interview and a placement test which allow us to define the level of language skills and to understand student’s aims and needs better.

Language of instruction

  • The language of instruction which is used both by the teachers and students is Russian. Full immersion into the Russian language will provide maximum progress of a student.
  • It is possible to have lessons with teachers who speak fluent English, but you need to inform us about your desire to have an English speaking teacher in advance.

Time of the lessons

  • As a rule, the lessons take place from 9am to 6pm on work days. Lunch break is not less than 1 hour. Coffee and social breaks – after every 2-3 academic hours.

Intensity of studies

  • Normally a study day will consist of 3 to 6 classes (50 minutes each) and a practical home assignment. However, the time it takes a student to do his homework assignment usually takes no longer than an hour, since we do find it very important to give students an opportunity to communicate with their host families, which proves to be one of the best ways to enhance one’s practical communication skills.

Length of studies

  • In order to become fully immersed and productive in the Russian environment we recommend at least 2 weeks as the optimal course length. However, we can provide both express (1 week) and extended courses to fit the needs of our clients.

Age of the students

  • Usually we work with students above 18.

Course program

According to the information we receive from the students, the study course will be specially tailored for individual studies as well as for each project group:

  • Initial requests and wishes (to be discussed via e-mail prior to the course);
  • Individual interviews with the participants.

Russian Language Teachers

  • There will normally be at least two language teachers working with a student or a group on a daily basis, each specializing in particular subject areas (i.e. oral communication, audio comprehension, reading, practical grammar, etc.)

Course materials

At a minimum the course materials for any given course includes

  • Hand out materials and textbooks (both printed out and in electronic form);
  • List of useful internet sources (various web sites in Russian about Daugavpils and Latvia, its history, culture, contemporary economic and political situation, local Russian media, etc.);
  • Audio and video materials (selected for the purposes of the particular course).

Instruction methods

  • The course will be largely based upon an interactive approach to teaching and may contain role plays, video training, games, and other similar activities.

Full immersion into the Russian language

  • As one of the great modern world languages, it is possible to study Russian in most any country. However, in order to learn to more effectively communicate in Russian in a short period of time, and to get a sense of current trends in Russian, it is necessary to fully immerse yourself into the Russian language environment.
  • In Daugavpils, the Russian language will surround students everywhere – in the classroom, on the street, with your host family, in newspapers and TV shows.

Peer students

  • Upon customers’ request, we can introduce study abroad program students and project group students to Daugavpils University students whose mother tongue is Russian and who can speak English. This provides more possibilities for real-life communication, making friends, and in general makes the program more fun.

Out-of-class activities

  • Sightseeing tours. The trips are designed to familiarize the participants with Russian and Latvian culture and history. There will be possible to organize trips to Lithuania and Estonia, as well as Russia and Belarus (visas can be obtained in the Russian and Belarus Consulates in Daugavpils)
  • Watching famous Russian movies. During the course participants may be offered to watch several famous Russian movies, containing simple and easy to remember vocabulary. Many of the expressions and jokes from these films are well-known to all native speakers and are widely used in daily communication.
  • Host family. The students will be encouraged to take full advantage of communication with their host family members and participate in their daily activities. In the past, a majority of our students agreed this was one of the essential parts of the program. It was in the families where the students received a great deal of their conversational practice.