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General Russian Course: Communication and Interactive Grammar

Goal: Communication and Interactive Grammar course enhance practical language skills and communication skills, extending knowledge of grammar and vocabulary.

We offer individual lessons. The program is designed taking into account the current level of Russian and its aim is to help students

  • Learn how to express themselves in a variety of real life situations, discuss things and share ideas in Russian; get necessary information via various sources of information (a personal talk, telephone conversations or from a written source)
  • Extend their vocabulary by learning essential Russian words and phrases with the focus on the vocabulary needed
  • Perfect their accent by listening to native Russian speakers
  • Apply the skills acquired during classes in real-life situations
Key information:
Enrolment type For individual applicants
Skills level A1, A2, B1, B2
Age of participants 18+
Course program The course is always tailored according to participants’ initial language level, needs and expectations
  • Professional teachers of Russian as a foreign language
  • Native speakers as communication partners (for certain exercises)
Out-of-class activities
  • Workday excursions and weekend sightseeing tours (for additional price)
  • Individual practical homework assignments
 Special features Total language immersion (classes + out-of-class activities + stay with a Russian-speaking host family)