• Learn Russian in the European Union

Teacher Development Programs for International Russian Language Teachers. Erasmus+ Grants.

“Learn Russian in the European Union” offers professional development programs for international Russian language teachers from secondary schools, colleges, vocational schools, as well as teachers who work in adult education.

Teachers from the European Union and some other countries are eligible to apply for Erasmus+ funding program in order to get financial support for studying with “Learn Russian in the EU”.

Latvia accumulated a vast experience in teaching Russian as a second language and in bilingual teaching. For many years, Daugavpils University has been specializing in training teachers of Russian as a foreign language, as well as in development and research into methods of teaching Russian language.

“Learn Russian in the EU” intensive teacher development programs allow foreign teachers to

  • Get acquainted with the theory and practice of new interactive methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language;
  • Visit schools in Latvia and Lithuania where Russian is taught as a foreign language;
  • Learn about modern trends in the Russian language;
  • Exchange best teaching practices with colleagues from other countries;
  • Upgrade and refresh practical Russian communication skills;
  • Visit interesting places related to the history, culture, and modern life of our multicultural region.

In 2020/2021, “Learn Russian in the EU” plans the following professional development programs for teachers:

NB! The courses will not be available in May-August, 2021.

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Please contact us to obtain the most recent information on planned teacher development programs and group schedule for upcoming period.