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Customizable Project Groups

The most efficient language training program we offer is a fully customizable study abroad program designed for a group of students from a client organization. We call this a project group. Project group study programs are developed taking into account the client organization’s specific training objectives, students’ background and language skills, desired excursion destinations, and particular interest in Russian culture.

Who can be a project group?

Project groups orders may come from universities or other educational institutions, language agencies, private companies, or government agencies.

For example, a project group could be formed from university students of the same academic year, ROTC Project GO students, or employees from a corporation or a government office. A project group program can develop a more uniform skill level for students. Optimally, a resident project manager from the client organization could accompany the group to monitor training and make necessary adjustments with teachers and support staff.

We can provide Russian language proficiency enhancement training for students with specific safety and privacy requirements. We have successfully completed projects for groups of government officials and diplomats with study programs based on USA Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) standards.

We are open for discussion and are ready to consider the particular needs of every student and every project group.

Project group clients may select accommodation in host families or in a comfortable hotel.

Upon customers’ request we can introduce project group students to Russian-speaking Daugavpils University students who also speak English. This provides more opportunities for real-life communication and in general makes the program more fun by giving students chances to make friends.

Please contact us to set up a fully customized project group program.