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The History of Ushanka

The History of Ushanka

Ushanka is a common winter headwear which every Russian knows, and it is one of the most popular souvenirs which foreigners usually bring from Russia. This hat is still very popular not only with adults but also with young people, including girls.

Over the history of its existence an ushanka turned from a headwear of peasants into one of the main symbols of Russia.  During the Soviet period, the ushanka made of valuable fur was a luxury item which testified to the status of a person.

The history of the ushanka

One of the versions says that Mongolian Malakhai, which was a cap made of sheepskin with wide lapels was a prototype of the ushanka.

The History of Ushanka

According to another version, a hat-tsybaca worn by Finno-Ugric people was a prototype of the ushanka. The hat was a leather helmet with long fur ears.

At the beginning of the 20th century peasants started commonly use ushankas as their winter headwear. The Navy officers were the first persons who began to wear ushankas officially as part of their uniform.

It happened that today, the popularity of ushankas is related to the army, as the representation of Soviet times, and ushankas are an integral part of the military uniform.

Modern ushankas

The History of Ushanka

Nowadays ushanka is not only a popular Russian souvenir, but also a fashionable winter accessory, and the range of models is not limited only to a classic ushanka. You can find both men’s and women’s ushankas made of various materials: wool, knitwear, artificial or natural fur, etc. in most shopping centers.

Despite a wide variety and styles of these hats, ushanka will always be the image of Russian culture, and it is strongly associated with the image of a typical Russian person.

The History of Ushanka

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