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Travelling. Words and Phrases in Russian

Travelling. Words and Phrases in Russian

Travelling is the topic of our today’s lesson. So we decided to publish a tourist phrasebook in Russian. If you are planning to spend your vacation in a Russian-speaking country this summer, this article is meant exactly for you.

Let’ begin with a very simple words and phrases:

Путешествовать [poo-tee-SHE-stva-vat’] travel (verb)
Путешествие [poo-tee-SHE-stvee-ye] travel (noun)
Поезд [PO-yeest] train
Машина [ma-SHEE-na] car
Автобус [af-TO-boos] bus
Самолёт [sa-ma-LYOT] plane

  • Ехать (ездить) на поезде/машине/автобусе

Travelling. Words and Phrases in Russian

[YE-hat’ (YEZ-deet’) na PO-eez-dye/ ma-SHEE-nye/ af-TO-boo-sye] To go by train/car/bus

  • Лететь (летать) на самолёте

[lee-TYET’ (lee-TAT’) na sa-ma-LYO-tye] fly by plane

Чемодан [chee-ma-DAN] a suitcase
Паковать чемодан [pa-ka-VAT’ chee-ma-DAN] pack a suitcase
Паковаться [pa-ka-VA-tsa] to pack

Багаж [ba-GASH] luggage
Билет [bee-LYET] ticket
Такси [tak-SEE] taxi

Гостиница [gas-TEE-nee-tsa] hotel
Резервация [ree-zeer-VA-tsi-ya] reservation
Виза [VEE-za] visa
Паспорт [PAS-part] passport
Таможня [ta-MOZH-nya] customs
Турист [too-REEST] tourist (masculine)
Туристка [too-REEST-ka] tourist (feminine)

Travelling. Words and Phrases in Russian

Here are some more useful words and phrases:

Фотографировать [fa-ta-gra-FEE-ra-vat’] to take pictures
Фотографироваться [fa-tag-ra-FEE-ra-va-tsa] to take pictures of yourself (your friends, your family)
Достопримечательности [das-ta-pree-mee-CHA-teel’-nas-tee] sightseeings

Смотреть достопримечательности [smat-RYET’ das-ta-pree-mee-CHA-tyel’-nas-tee] to go sightseeing
Гулять по городу [goo-LYAT’ pa GO-ra-doo] to walk around the city
Карта города [KAR-ta GO-ra-da] map of the city
Карта метро [KAR-ta meet-RO] map of the underground

Музей [moo-ZYEY] museum
Выставка [VIS-taf-ka] exhibition
Галерея [ga-lee-RYE-ya] gallery
Дворец [dva-RYETS] castle
Церковь [TSER-kaf’] church
Площадь [PLO-shat’] square
Памятник [PA-myat-NEEK] monument
Концерт [kan-TSERT] concert
Спектакль [speek-TAKL’] play
Шоу [SHO-oo] show

Travelling. Words and Phrases in Russian

Море [MO-rye] sea
Океан [a-kee-AN] ocean
Озеро [O-zee-ra] lake
Река [ree-KA] river

Отдыхать [at-di-HAT’] rest
Отдыхать на море [at-di-HAT’ na MO-rye] have a good time by the seaside
Отдыхать у озера [a-di-HAT’ oo O-zee-ra] have a good time/ rest by a lake

Пляж [PLYASH] beach
Загорать [za-ga-RAT’] sunbathe
Загорать на пляже [za-ga-RAT’ na PLYA-zhye] sunbathe at the seaside
Купаться в море [koo-PA-tsa v MO-rye] swim in the sea

We hope you will like lists of words and phrases in this article. If you have any questions, or you would like to add some more words, do not hesitate to leave your comments below. Youe suggestions are more than welcome!

Travelling. Words and Phrases in Russian

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