• Learn Russian in the European Union

On-demand virtual study abroad components for Russian courses

University teachers can greatly improve student motivation, inclusivity, experience, and progress with integrating on-demand virtual study abroad components into their Russian courses.

Integrate virtual study abroad components into Russian courses in Academic year 2021/2022

“Learn Russian in the European Union” offers a set of flexible and affordable online components that will bring study abroad experience to the Russian language class at the home university.

We invite international teachers and students to enrich their courses by taking advantage of

We use Zoom as the online teaching platform. The standard duration of all online sessions is 45 minutes.

Time difference with Latvia (GMT+3) may narrow the period available for scheduling the activities. For example, our services are generally available for students in the USA from 6:00am to 4:00pm US Eastern Time or for students in the UK from 10:00 to 20:00 London time.

We are ready to discuss the time for the on-demand activities and find the most convenient option for all participants.

Please contact us directly and let us know your requirements, preferences, and any other important details.


“Learn Russian in the European Union” works in Daugavpils, Latvia, the most Russian-speaking city in the European Union. Daugavpils was once part of both the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, and has a remarkable historical legacy tied to Russia and Russian-European relations.

Since 2004, “Learn Russian in the EU” has provided numerous academic semester abroad, summer, and custom-designed programs to universities, service academies, government institutions, and individual graduate and undergraduate students. Our academic for-credit programs are based at Daugavpils University and include Russian language courses as well as courses in literature, culture, history, East European Studies, political science, and STEM.