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On-demand virtual study abroad option: native Russian peer communication tutors

In numerous international study abroad projects, “Learn Russian in the EU” has offered native Russian peer communication tutor service. These tutors – Daugavpils University students and more mature language enthusiasts – provide foreign students live communication practice and give them valuable experience in conducting informal dialogue with native speakers.

Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, we also provide Russian peer communication tutor service online.

Peer communication tutors are not teachers and, as a rule, their service is a part of a teacher-led language course. Peer tutors specialize in running conversation on the teacher assigned topic or scenario, and can correct the student or give a hint, when required.

Peer communication tutoring is a very effective and affordable component of Russian study abroad programs.

Individual online students can order native Russian peer communication tutor sessions using their student accounts at students.learnrussianineu.com.

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Offer to university teachers and students

International universities can greatly improve student motivation, inclusivity, experience, and progress by integrating online peer communication tutors option into their Russian courses.

The home college teachers can specify the topics, the number of communication sessions, and the level of discussion for each session.

We recommend the home university to negotiate the native Russian peer communication tutor services with “Learn Russian in the EU” in advance. This would greatly help in further planning, resource allocation, and scheduling, as well as with calculating the service costs.

Please contact us directly and let us know your requirements, preferences, and any other important details.