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On-demand virtual study abroad option: online Russian language tutors

In many international study abroad projects, “Learn Russian in the EU” has offered experienced Russian language tutor services. All tutors are professional Russian language teachers that have worked with hundreds of our international students. Many tutors hold PhD degree and are Daugavpils University professors. Our language tutors can work at any level from Novice up to Superior.

Since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, we also provide Russian language tutoring services online. All tutoring sessions are run fully synchronously.

Russian language tutoring service, usually, provides one-on-one consultations on requested grammar areas or helps students prepare for particular assignments, tests or exams. At higher proficiency levels, tutors can help in acquiring specific language skills in the fields like business, military, or international relations, as well as help with topics in Russian literature, history, or area studies.

Language tutoring is a very powerful, yet cost-effective component of study abroad programs.

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Offer to university teachers and students

International universities can greatly improve student motivation, experience, and progress by integrating online language tutoring option into their Russian courses.

The home college teachers can specify the topics, the number of tutoring sessions, the level of discussion for each session. It is also possible to specify that an English-speaking tutor is preferred.

We recommend the home university to negotiate the Russian language tutoring services with “Learn Russian in the EU” in advance. This would greatly help in further planning, resource allocation, and scheduling, as well as with calculating the service costs.

Please contact us directly and let us know your requirements, preferences, and any other important details.