• Learn Russian in the European Union

Virtual study abroad program: Russian language and cultural communication

“Learn Russian in the EU” designed this full-featured academic virtual semester abroad program for undergraduate and graduate students specializing in the Russian language, culture, literature, East European studies, international relations, and other academic fields.

The program includes academic courses, individual native peer communication tutors, and interactive virtual excursions.

The program will run at two levels:

  • Third year, for students with at least two years of Russian study prior the program;
  • Fourth year, for students with three years or more of Russian study prior the program.

The students will enroll in Daugavpils University and receive 24 ECTS credits (12 US university credits).

Program features:

For-credit courses, contact academic hours 288
One-on-one peer communication practice 28
Interactive virtual excursions 14
  • The course list and syllabi are available here.
  • Program levels:
    • 3rd year of Russian language study;
    • 4th year of Russian language study.
  • 24 ECTS credits (12 US university credits) at Daugavpils University.
  • Synchronous online instruction using Zoom.
  • All courses taught in Russian.
  • Online group size will not exceed 6 students.

 Enrollment in Daugavpils University:

  • Students will enroll in Daugavpils University.
  • The enrollment will require filling an application form, uploading a passport scan and a proof of current enrollment from the home university.
  • Further “Learn Russian in the EU” instructions will be provided after receiving the program application.

Class schedule:

  • Lessons and activities will run Monday-Friday. We plan to start the classes after 16:00 Latvian time (14:00 London time /9:00 am US Eastern Time).
    During the acceptance process, we will try to reasonably adjust the class time considering the students’ time zones and preferences.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Undergraduate, graduate student, working professional.
  • Two/three years of university-level Russian language are required, depending on the program level.
  • All applicants are required to submit the Russian language placement test upon applying to the program.
  • Online oral interview will be scheduled prior to the program start.
  • “Learn Russian in the EU” teachers will review the testing results and place the student at the most appropriate level.

Program dates:

  • Start date Monday, September 1, 2021.
  • End date Friday, December 17, 2021.


  • “Learn Russian in the EU” uses a proprietary Learning Management System to handle all management tasks.
  • Upon receiving the application and the Russian language placement test, we will
    • send the student an acceptance confirmation letter;
    • create a student account at students.learnrussianineu.com, which will provide access to student profile, course information, class schedule with Zoom links, homework assignments, and more;
    • send the participation confirmation invoice;
    • provide detailed instructions on further steps.
  • After receiving the participation confirmation fee, we will email the tuition fee invoice.
  • After completion of the course, we will send the Daugavpils University academic transcript to the address specified by the student.


  • We use Zoom as the online teaching platform.
  • “Learn Russian in the EU” uses a proprietary Learning Management System to handle all management tasks. All students will have personal accounts in the LMS.
  • Student account provides access to the student profile, course information, and class schedule with Zoom links, homework assignments, and more.
  • We highly recommend using a desktop computer or a laptop for remote lessons. Using a tablet or smartphone is less convenient and may worsen your learning experience. Screen size matters in online classes.
  • Your device should be equipped with a camera, microphone and audio output (speakers, headset).

Fees and payments:

Participation confirmation (non-refundable) 60.00 Euro
Tuition fee 4490.00 Euro
  • We accept credit card payments via PayPal Credit Card Processing (PayPal service fees apply) or bank wire transfers.
  • We allow split payment for the program:
    • 60% of the tuition fee have to be paid before the program begins;
    • the remaining 40% of the tuition fee can be paid by October 20, 2021.