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World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

The celebration of World Poetry Day was initiated by UNESCO in 1999. In its declaration, the organization states that poetry can provide answers on the most significant issues in the modern world.

Today we would like to introduce our readers with Andrey Voznesensky’s poetry. Andrey Voznesensky is one of the most popular Russian poets of the second half of the 20th century.



И в моей стране, и в твоей стране
до рассвета спят — не спиной к спине.

И одна луна, золота вдвойне,
И в моей стране, и в твоей стране.

И в одной цене — ни за что, за так,
для тебя — восход, для меня — закат.

И предутренний холодок в окне
не в твоей вине, не в моей вине.

И в твоем вранье, и в моем вранье
есть любовь и боль по родной стране.

Идиотов бы поубрать вдвойне —
и в твоей стране, и в моей стране.



In my land and yours they do hit the hay
and sleep the whole night in a similar way.

There’s the golden Moon with a double shine.
It lightens your land and it lightens mine.

At the same low price, that is for free,
there’s the sunrise for you and the sunset for me.

The wind is cool at the break of day,
it’s neither your fault nor mine, anyway.

Behind your lies and behind my lies
there is pain and love for our Motherlands.

I wish in your land and mine some day
we’d put all idiots out of the way.


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