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Tips for a successful Russian Study Abroad scholarship application

Preparing a successful undergraduate study abroad application for major scholarships, Boren or Gilman in particular, requires a serious work and takes a great deal of time. Students need to explain how a Russian study abroad program  at “Learn Russian in the European Union” in Daugavpils, Latvia, will enable them to reach their academic and/or career […]

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Space Science and Russian language study abroad

It’s always great to learn about successes of our former students. Anna Maria successfully studied Russian with “Learn Russian in the European Union” in Daugavpils. Now she is studying Aeronautics at Stanford University.

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Virtual booth for online Study Abroad Fairs

In the pandemic time, many universities move their traditional Study Abroad Fairs online and arrange virtual events. Organizers use different online fair platforms and different booth setups, which makes effective presenting of programs and services quite complicated.

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How Latvia has led the world against coronavirus pandemic

Prospective students of “Learn Russian in the European Union” study abroad programs often ask us about the situation with Covid-19 in Latvia. They look forward to lifting the emergency measures and travel restrictions that will enable them to attend Russian language programs in Daugavpils.

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Delicacies in the USSR

Time goes on, and it changes taste preferences. Today, only a few modern children would be willing to taste the resin of trees or eat cookies with butter, but for our parents they were the most delicious treats.

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Morning: Russian Words and Phrases

Morning is a favorite part of the day for a lot of people. It’s time when you can have a cup of tea or coffee and think about your plans for the day. In this article, we’re going to tell you about some Russian word and phrases related to the morning.

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Largest Naval Battles in the Russian History

Sea battles have always been as significant as land battles. They were intense and large-scale in terms of the number of combat forces involved. Military control over sea shipping routes provided lots of advantages.

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