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Russian Idioms

An idiom is a set expression which refers only to one particular language. Idioms are similar to proverbs but unlike proverbs, they are not complete sentences. For example, Russian idioms cannot be translated into another language.

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How to Say “Happy Birthday!” in Russian

A birthday is the most special and significant event in life.  People usually celebrate their birthday with their family and friends. On this day the most desired dreams may come true. However, you should  wish it to happen to a person.

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Russian Proverbs

Russian proverbs are short and apt expressions that belong to the folk genre.  Russian people made up most of this kind of word combinations, although, a lot of them came into the language from literature.  In just a few words these phrases comment on some life situations.

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Infographic: Facts about Daugavpils. Daugavpils in Figures

Facts about Daugavpils (Infographic)

Daugavpils is a multicultural city with a vibrant history dated back to the 13th century. Geographically located at an important position, the city has always been in the centre of events. We selected the most interesting facts about Daugavpils – its present and past.

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How to Say “I don’t speak Russian”

When you travel in Russian-speaking countries, but don’t speak Russian, it would be very useful to know how to say “I don’t speak Russian” in Russian, because people will speak Russian to you everywhere – at a hotel, on public transport, taxi, etc.

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How to Set Up Russian letters in Windows

Everybody who studies the Russian language faces the problem of how to set up Russian letters on their keyboard. It’s is especially important when you use somebody else’s computer or have just bought a new computer.  Today we are going to tell you how to change the input language in Windows 8 and Windows 10.

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Erasmus - How to Travel and Upgrade Your Skills

Erasmus – How to Travel and Upgrade Your Skills

Surely you have heard a lot about Erasmus programme. However, not many of you have used the opportunities offered by the programme. Today, we have decided to find out what the programme is about, how it works, and how you can significantly upgrade you professional skills by means of Erasmus programme.

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