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Individual Online Tailored Russian Language Program

“Learn Russian in the EU” offers individually tailored online Russian language programs for students with specific academic or professional interests: graduate students, industry professionals, corporate employees, military linguists, diplomats, FAOs, and others demanding customers. This study option enables students to request a bespoke one-on-one online program.

The course content can be extremely flexible. In a dialogue with “Learn Russian in the EU”, each student can build a “dream program” that includes Russian language lessons, DLPT/OPI/TORFL preparation, lessons or even academic courses in literature, political science, history, regional studies, and other areas provided by Daugavpils University professors.

The course starts with a free trial session, when the student and “Learn Russian in the EU” clarify the student’s current language level, discuss and finalize the course content, and test out all aspects of online language learning. The lessons can be ordered at discounts in convenient lessons packs.

Academic courses and credit transfer:

  • Individual Online Tailored Russian Language Program may include Daugavpils University academic courses provided remotely and award Daugavpils University credits upon completion (at additional fee). The course catalog is available here.
  • Usually, the coursework in an academic course at Daugavpils University is 32 contact academic hours and provides 3 European Credit Transfer (ECTS) credits.
  • The for-credit lessons can be ordered in 16 or 32 lessons packs.

IMPORTANT: For full details on the registration, schedules, payments, technology, and other features, please familiarize yourself with our Online Russian Courses FAQ.

In case you are seeking a more traditional language program in order to develop your Russian communication and grammar skills, please consider our Individual Online Course: Russian as a Foreign Language.