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Russian host families

Our students can stay with Russian host families or in a hotel.

We recommend staying in a private room in a typical local Russian-speaking family, where a friendly atmosphere allows a student to use Russian in a relaxed and natural way.

Our carefully selected Russian host families always have time to talk to students, are patient, understanding, attentive, and prepared to provide help with any problem that may arise during the student’s stay in Daugavpils. Being treated as a member of a family gives the ideal opportunity to practice Russian in an authentic environment and experience firsthand Russian way of living. Home-stay does not always mean a traditional married couple with children. Above all we look for people who are sociable, like to meet new people, and can give a warm welcome to our students.

The “Learn Russian in the EU” chooses potential host families very carefully. They must meet our requirements and high standards. We look not only for comfortable and clean living conditions, but for the family’s friendly attitude towards potential “family member” as well. Before signing the contract with the family we inspect these apartments and people. Thus, we ensure that a student who lives in that family will be safe and comfortable. Of course, we may inspect the family during the stay of a student and are always willing to listen to any complaints or special student needs.

Living conditions in Russian host families:

  • Separate room;
  • Bed, table, chair, place for personal storage;
  • Bed linen, pillow, blanket, set of towels provided;
  • Space in the refrigerator will be available;
  • Washing machine will be available;
  • Free Internet access;
  • Dietary requirements, if any, will be respected;
  • Kitchen and kitchen appliances can be used for making your own food;
  • Bathroom will be shared with the family members.

When placing the student, his/her wishes and needs such as non-smoking/smoking, allergies, vegetarian food, etc., are always taken into account. We expect to finalize all the details of the accommodation and host family available to the student within 1-2 weeks before the beginning of the course.

Please read Terms and conditions of accommodation in a host family.