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Individual Online Course: Russian as a Foreign Language

This Russian as a Foreign Language individual online course is available for a broad audience of language learners. Students can focus on developing general skills in reading, listening, speaking, and grammar, preparing for an upcoming university exam or particular test like DLPT, OPI or TRKI (TORFL) at target Russian proficiency levels up to ACTFL Advanced Mid/ CEFR B2.

Each student can maximize training outcomes by customizing major course parameters: the target language level, lesson schedule, areas in grammar or communication topics to be covered, and others.

The course starts with a free trial session, when the student and “Learn Russian in the EU” clarify the student’s current language level, discuss and finalize the course content, and test out all aspects of online language learning. The lessons can be ordered at discounts in convenient lessons packs through the student’s account at students.learnrussianineu.com.

Individual online students can take advantage of additional services:

These services can be ordered using student accounts at students.learnrussianineu.com.

IMPORTANT: For full details on the registration, schedules, payments, technology, and other features, please familiarize yourself with our Online Russian Courses FAQ.

The Russian as a Foreign Language individual online course does not include non-language modules (e.g. literature, history, political science, etc.). In case you are seeking a program including such features, please consider our Online Individual Tailored Russian Language Program.