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Autumn words in Russian

Today we’ll talk about one of the most beautiful and colorful seasons of the year – autumn. You love to listen to the sound of fallen leaves rustling underfoot while taking a walk in the park, don’t you? Crimson red and rusty gold colors are a real inspiration to take pictures of this fabulous beauty. Let’s look at a few basic Russian words which you can use to speak about autumn.

Осень [O-syen’] autumn, fall
Осенние месяцы [a-SYE-nee-ye MYE-sya-tsi] autumn months
Cентябрь [seen-TYA-br’] September
Oктябрь [ak-TYA-br’] October
Ноябрь [na-YA-br’] November

Autumn weather

Here are a few words you can use to describe the weather in Russian:

Дождь [DOSHT’] rain
Капля дождя [KAP-lya dazh-DYA] rain drop
Ливень [LEE-vyen’] shower, downpour
Слякоть [SLYA-kat’] slush
Моросить [ma-ra-SEET’] drizzle
Зонтик [ZON-teek] umbrella
Тучa [TOO-cha] cloud

Autumn weather

Лист [LEEST] leaf
Листопад [lees-ta-PAD] leaf fall
Опадать [a-pa-DAT’] fall
Кружиться [kroo-ZHEET’-sya] swirl, spin
Шуршать [shoor-SHAT] rustle

Птица [PTEE-tsa] bird
Улетать [oo-lee-TAT’] fly away

Ветер [VYE-tyer] wind
Дуть [DOOT’] blow
Прохлада [prah-LA-da] cool, coolness

There are some adjectives you can use to describe the weather in Russian:

Сильный [SEEL’-niy] strong
Прохладный [prah-LAD-niy] cool
Холодный [ha-LOD-niy] cold
Дождливый [dazhd-LEE-viy] rainy
Туманный [too-MA-niy] foggy
Грустный [GROOS-niy] sad, sorrowful
Унылый [oo-NI-liy] sad, melancholic, depressing

Autumn colors

Autumn colors

Autumn colors might be very bright or very dull, from bright crimson red and golden yellow to very sad gray. It depends on the weather. Here are the Russian words for colors:

Багровый [bag-RO-viy] crimson
Жёлтый [ZHOL-tiy] yellow
Золотой [za-la-TOY] golden
Серый [SYE-riy] grey

Autumn clothing

Плащ [PLASHCH] rain coat
Пальто [pal-TO] coat
Кофта [KOF-ta] cardigan
Свитер [SVEE-ter] sweater
Туфли [TOOF-lee] shoes
Сапоги [sa-pa-GEE] boots
Ботинки [ba-TEEN-kee] boots
Шарф [SHARF] scarf
Перчатки [peer-CHAT-kee] gloves

Autumn clothing

What is your favorite season? Do you like autumn? Leave your comments.

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