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Climate in Latvia

Climate in Latvia

The climate in Latvia is transitional from coastal to continental. It means that there are four distinct seasons in Latvia; and visitors to Latvia may enjoy every season. In order to get the best out of every season follow our advice.


The winter in Latvia lasts for three months – from December to February. There is usually quite a lot of snow in Latvia with temperatures going down up to -20°C (-4°F).

Winter in Latvia

Skating and skiing are the most popular winter activities. You can find skating rinks and skiing tracks almost everywhere.

Low temperatures feel much stronger here because of a rather high humidity level. If you travel to Latvia in the winter remember to take a warm jacket, a hat and gloves. You should also wear warm waterproof winter boots as there might be a lot of snow.


The spring in Latvia might start at the end of February already, in March or only in mid-April and continue until the beginning of June. The average temperature goes up at about +15°C (59°F).

Spring in Latvia

In the spring Latvian rivers burst their banks. This is the best time for rowing lovers.

You don’t need any winter clothing in the spring but anyway it’s a good idea to bring a warm jacket and a sweater. Remember about scarves and hats! This is a quite windy season, therefore there is a high chance to catch cold if you don’t wear appropriate clothes. But don’t worry if you have forgotten to bring your hat. You can always buy one here in Latvia – the price for clothes here is almost the same as in the US. You should also wear waterproof boots – the winter snow starts melting and it’s extremely wet outside.


People who got tired of snow, winter and cold weather will definitely enjoy Latvian summer. The average summer temperature is about +20°C (68°F), but during the day it might be as warm as +30°C (86°F) or even warmer.

Summer in Latvia

The Latvians like their summer for the opportunity to have a nice time on the beach, go cycling, or walking. But Latvian summer festivals are the most exciting things . Once a year usually in the summer every city in Latvia celebrates the so called “The City’s Days”.

During the summer months it is rather warm in Latvia so you don’t need to take too many warm clothes. However, you should take something that will protect you against the rain. At the beginning and at the end of the summer we often have showers, when we can have a monthly amount of rainfalls in one day. You also have to bring swimming suits as the water can get warm up to +20°C (68°F).


The autumn in Latvia starts in September and lasts until December. At the beginning of autumn, the average temperature is about + 10°C (50°F), but by November it goes down up to 0°C (32°F). Sometimes we have the so called Indian summer – the temperature goes up to +20°C (68°F). It usually starts snowing in November but sometimes even in October.

Autumn in Latvia

Early autumn is the most beautiful season for travelling around the country. The scenery is really amazing in Sigulda and Bauska. Theatres and museums resume their work in autumn too.

The level of humidity gets really high in the autumn because of the rains and low temperatures. Therefore, it can feel much colder than a thermometer shows. In November it might start snowing and there might be first frosts. So remember to bring a warm jacket, a few sweaters, and footwear suitable for wet weather.

The weather in Latvia suits well for the people who prefer active summer holidays and those who want to enjoy real snowy frosty winters.

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