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Morning: Russian Words and Phrases

Morning: Russian Words and Phrases

Morning is a favorite part of the day for a lot of people. It’s time when you can have a cup of tea or coffee and think about your plans for the day. In this article, we’re going to tell you about some Russian word and phrases related to the morning.

Let’s begin with a few basic Russian words:

Утро [OOT-ra] morning
Рассвет [RAS-vyet] sunrise
Доброе утро! [DOB-ra-ye OOT-ra] good morning!
С добрым утром! [s DOB-rim OOT-ram] good morning!

Some more Russian words:

Просыпаться [pra-si-PA-tsa] wake up
Подниматься [pad-nee-MA-tsa] get up
Вставать [fsta-VAT’] get up
Будить [boo-DEET’] wake someone up
Будильник [boo-DEEL’-neek] alarm clock
Делать зарядку / упражнения [DYE-lat’ za-RYAT-koo / oop-razh-NYE-nee-ya] exercise

Morning: Russian Words and Phrases

Чистить зубы [CHEES-teet’ ZOO-bi] brush your teeth
Умываться [oo-mi-VA-tsa] wash your face
Принимать душ [pree-nee-MAT’ DOOSH] take a shower

Делать / готовить завтрак [DYE-lat’ ga-TO-veet’ ZAF-trak] make / cook breakfast
Завтракать [ZAF-tra-kat’] have a breakfast
Завтрак [ZAF-trak] breakfast

Одеваться [a-dee-VA-tsa] get dressed
Собираться на работу [sa-bee-RA-tsa] get ready

That’s all for today. Have a nice morning and a fabulous day!

Morning: Russian Words and Phrases

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